Data Explorer

The Data Explorer allows you to find data by topic, by county, or by special focus area. Maybe you want to find out everything you can about the San Antonio neighborhood you live in. Maybe you want to know how Bandera County seniors fared over the past five years. Or maybe you want to know whether the availability of fresh vegetables, violent crime, and housing foreclosures are affecting how well our local children do in school. That’s what we’re here for – so you can quickly find, map, chart, and download just what you need.

Please use the menu at right to dive right in. If you’ve never used data before, you’ll be able to browse around just like you do elsewhere on the web. To show all filter and search options, click on Browse All Indicators in the navigation pane at right. Once the indicator list loads, choose Show More Options from the right-hand navigation pane. If you’re an advanced data user, you might want to jump straight to the analysis and visualization tools.

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What Else Do We Do?

In addition to curating this collection of local data, CI:Now's NOWData arm provides a number of local and regional collaboratives with custom data support like public secondary data collection and analysis, integration and analysis of person-level administrative data, community assessment, and outcome measurement and evaluation. Below are some of the local partners we work with, and more details are here.