Local Employer Household Dynamics (LEHD)


Quarterly Workforce Indicators.
Includes total employment, net job flows, job creation, new hires, separations, turnover, average monthly earnings, and average new hire earnings. Detail by industry (NAICS code), metro area, WIA, gender, education level, race/ethnicity, year, and quarter. Available for San Antonio metro area and Alamo workforce development area.

Allows analysis of where workers are employed and where they live, by state, county, zip code (ZCTA), census tract, and Workforce Investment Area, among others. It also provides companion reports on age, earnings, industry distributions, race, ethnicity, educational attainment, and sex. OnTheMap displays the LODES dataset; LODES files can also be downloaded directly from the LODES link below.

Job-to-Job Flows Explorer.
Allows analysis of where workers moved to and from for jobs; searchable by place and by NAICS industry code.

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